Beneg National High School was established on June 4, 1970. It was a joint effort of the barangay officials, the school head of the Elementary in the person of Madam Nicolasita Docuyanan, barrio folks and parents from nearby barangays.

          During the opening of the school in 1970, there were only 50 students. The school had its first batch of graduates in 1974.Since then the enrolment continued to increase. Additional teaching staff were sent to facilitate teaching-learning process and school buildings were constructed to cater and accommodate the increasing number of learners. In November of 2010, the Beneg National High School was relocated to its new site. It was a Two-storey building constructed through the joint efforts of the Municipal and Provincial Governments. And in 2011-2012 additional building was constructed by the DPWH which served as Science Laboratory and LRMDS Room.

          Through the years, Beneg National High School participated in all academic and non-academic competitions to showcase the skills and talents of its learners. For 11 consecutive years, the school excelled and was recognized in Sepak Takraw and awarded second place in the Regional Achievement Test, Division level for SY 2011-2012 to name a few.

          In 2017, marked another milestone for the school as it started to offer Senior High School – General Academic Strand. Despite the growing number of schools in the Municipality of Botolan, Beneg National High School’s enrolment is significantly increasing. It continuously caters to learners from the nearby barangays and even the nearby town of Iba.

          During the time of the pandemic, the school continues to educate its clientele with multi-modality (modular and online) distance learning.

          In 2022, despite the challenge and threat of Covid-19, Beneg National High School leaped a notch higher in School-Based Management. It was recognized as level 2 during virtual validation. This became possible through the concerted effort of the faculty members and the able leadership of the School Head, Madam Leonila A. Elamparo.

          Then and now, Beneg National High School commits to delivering quality, equitable and responsive basic education to Filipino learners.